Tortured Cock For Corbin Dallas


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Corbin Dallas has a problem, he leaks pre-cum too easily and can’t contain himself when around women so he’s sent to see Cherry Torn who won’t put up with any of that. He’s tied standing up and fully clothed as she starts whipping him and when she drops his trousers he’s already left a stain in them from pre-cum.

Not the start she wanted she whips his ass hard only to find he’s dripping even more. Deciding he’s enjoying this too much she whips his ass even harder. She inserts a massive buttplug hoping the pain would stop him but he’s dripping badly by the time it goes in. She spanks him all over and whips his nipples before tying him lying down with his legs in the air.

She removes the plug to Strapon ass fuck him and notices how much pre-cum is filling his belly button. She grabs his cock and he squirts immediately. Upset she keeps stroking him for post orgasm cock torture. She locks him in a chastity belt with the key already inside the cage warning him he’ll never cum again, fits a dildo gag on him and rides him till she cums over his face. After a few more orgasms she leaves him to try and rip the cage off. You can watch the penis torture of a premature ejaculator at Divine Bitches.

Lefty Suffers Testicle Torture

Watch Sandra Romain use CBT Torture

Lefty is handed over to Sandra Romain for some punishment and she finds him tied down with his cock and balls hanging so decides to make good use of them. She whips his balls then gets some more fun from using a paddle on his balls. She whips his ass before making him lick her pussy.

She uses a dildo on a stick to fuck his ass and rams it in far enough to make him scream which only spurs her on. Next she ties him lying down with some rope around his balls which goes over a ceiling beam before she adds enough weight to lift his body from the bench.

She puts a dildo gag on him and rides his face while sucking his cock and licking her very sore balls. She adds a nipple clamp and pulls on the rope before releasing his balls so she can whip his cock. She rides him until he is ready then uses her hand to empty his painful balls. You can see this ball torture at MenInPain.

Devin Gets His Balls Stretched


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When Penny Flame decides Devin is keeping some important information from her she decides to find out what it is. With her usual style she drugs him and when he wakes he is tied to a chair wearing just his underwear. She soon rips that off as well leaving his tied cock and balls available. She whips his cock till it’s red then kicks the chair over.

She ties him standing on tiptoe then whips his ass before telling him she has better ways of making him talk. She bites his cock all the way from the tip to the base. When that doesn’t work and the ass whipping doesn’t she becomes more inventive. Tying his balls to a rope and throwing it over a beam she hangs an heavy wooden chair on the rope then adds more weights such as heavy thick shoes until she stretches his balls to the limits.

He passes out and while he’s out she ties him bending over a table. When he wakes he has a strapon in his mouth and is made to suck it before being ass fucked. After that she leaves him with a massive dildo in his ass until she comes back. Trying a new tact she lets him fuck her till he comes over her boots then makes him lick them clean. You can see Penny Flame giving ball torture at Men In Pain.

Kade Takes Ball Torture

Watch Maitresse Madeline give cbt torture

After upsetting Maitresse Madeline Kade decides he should make it up to her by giving her a gift. Unfortunately Madeline is just offended by this but pretends to be satisifed until she has him stripped and tied. She then makes sure he knows how much trouble he is in by whipping his ass and slapping his face.

She canes his ass leaving red welts before tying his balls and ass fucking him with a samurai, shocking his ass. She bends him over to strapon ass fuck him taking time out to spank his ass and beat his balls. She flips him over then to sit on his face and abuse his tied balls.

After licking her pussy he is made to play with himself with the threat of a cock whipping if he didn’t finish in time. To give him an incentive she started whipping his legs slowly moving upwards every few strokes. This seemed to help push him over the edge. You can see Maitresse Madeline keep Kade in line at Men In Pain.

Isis Love Delivers CBT

Watch Hayden Russo learn his lesson

The start of this scene sees Hayden Russo get taught a real lesson from Isis Love. Bound, tied and gagged there is no where foe him to run as this ballbuster starts her free femdom lesson. With his cock all bound with rope and a gag to stop him from pleading for mercy Isis goes to work with her whip making sure that his cock and balls take a real beating.

This sort of humiliation isn’t enough though and Hayden gets put on all fours and fucked hard in the ass with a dildo giving Isis all sorts of pleasure watching him suffer. The cbt torture doesn’t stop there though as she climbs onto his face to suck his cock and beat his balls. By now Hayden really does have sore testicles.

Climbing on top to ride his cock hard Isis Love starts pleasuring herself with a dildo on her clit as Hayden really isn’t man enough for the job. Spitting on his face and riding him until she has a squirting orgasm Isis starts to wonder whether or not she should let him cum, this will be a real kick in the balls for Hayden Russo if she doesn’t. See what happens next at Divine bitches.

Jason Miller Takes Extreme CBT

Watch Penny Flame inflict ball torture

Jason Miller is handed over to Penny Flame to see how much CBT torture he can take. He starts off already half undressed and his hands tied behind him when Penny walks in. She grabs his cock and gets him hard before slapping his penis. She then squeezes his balls hard. Not satisfied with his grunts she slaps his balls hard.

She uses nipple clamps on him before caning his chest then goes back to slapping his cock making his swollen balls bounce. He is tied with his legs spread and his balls tied to his knees as she takes to whipping his balls. Next she canes his balls then the soles of hi feet.

She strapon fucks his ass before stripping off to sit on his face. He is made to play with himself while licking her pussy till she cums on his face. He is threatened that if he doesnt do a good enough job she will go back to beating his balls. You can see this cock and ball torture scene at MenInPain.

Penis Torture Masturbator Daemon


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When Daemon is caught masturbating by his wife literally 15 minutes after they had sex she figured enough is enough. She searched around and found a masturbator clinic held by Mz Berlin and talks her husband into going there. With him tied hands above his head and gagged she wastes no time smashing her book into his cock and balls.

She yanks his cock out of his trousers by his piercing then sucks his cock hard. Nipple clamps are added to his nipples and to his cock so he is suffering while she wanks his cock. She whips his back and spanks his ass before moving around to whip his cock and balls. She sits on his face then makes him lick her pussy as she tortures his cock.

She rides his cock then warning him not to cum and when he does she seems way to happy. She rams a massive sound down his soft cock then adds electricity to it shocking his cock. She adds mini pegs on his cock and balls then pulls them around as she strapon fucks his ass. She yanks them off one by one before squeezing his balls. She then bites his cock hard before releasing him. You can watch Mz Berlin ballbusting at Divine Bitches.

Free Femdom Lesson From Bobbi

See Jack Hammer get CBT torture

Bobbi Star really gets to grips with Jack Hammer in this shoot, tied and bound there is no escape for him as the ballbusting begins. With a thick rope tied around his already sore testicles Bobbi Star can’t resist giving them a really hard time by pulling them from a great distance and Jack Hammer is begging for mercy. But this ballbuster doesn’t give mercy and starts pleasuring herself right in front of him.

With Jack Hammer begging for some of the action she allows him to lick her pussy but not before giving his cock a good hard spanking. By now Jack Hammer has really large testicles as they are full to bursting and he’s begging to cum. Bobbi Star isn’t going to have any of this though and uses the dildo in her pussy while he’s still licking her.

Still not having learned his lesson though Jack once more gets strapped down on his back and whipped on his sore testicles before taking an ass pounding from Bobbi. The ballbusting doesn’t stop there though as Bobbi straddles his face forcing him to lick her asshole and then riding him until she cums hard still denying Jack his orgasm. See what else happens at meninpain.

Ballbusters At Their Best

Watch these slaves beg for mercy

Maitresse Madeline and Nika Noire really are at their best in this shoot. They take complete control over their three slaves and it really is a no nonsense free femdom lesson. While two of the slaves take time to pleasure Nika Noire Scout really gets whats cuming to him as his cock and balls get crushed, whipped and beaten. He also takes an ass pounding for good measure.

Not satisfied with this Maitresse Madeline delivers one of her world famous hand jobs bringing Scout to the brink of orgasm before denying him any sort of pleasure. Meanwhile Nika Noire is really getting to grips with Zak Tyler and Ned delivering some cbt torture like only she can, hanging heavy weights from their already sore testicles and being probed with an electric zapper this is one free femdom lesson they won’t forget in a hurry.

These slaves are subject to yet more humiliation when they get partially suspended and made to pleasure the girls until they cum. Put in smothering boxes and forced to lick and sniff their assholes until the ballbusters have squirting orgasms, it gets too much for Ned and he blows his load anyway without his cock being touched. Watch more of this ball torture at Divine bitches.

Rico Takes CBT Torture From Jordan Kingsley

Watch Rico take ball torture

Miss Kingsley is handed Rico for her first Bdsm role so she turns up to see Rico tied to a wall with his cock and balls tied. She wastes no time in using a whip on him then chains his cock and balls to a leg spreader he is wearing just before she runs her nails across his sensitive penis.

She turns him around then to cane the inside of his thighs then makes him stick his ass out so she can strapon fuck his ass. He complains it is painful so she fucks him harder before lying him down so she can ride his cock. She runs zippers up either side of his chest while riding him.

When he says he is ready to cum she rips one zipper off which takes his mind off things. She rides him a bit longer and the same thing happens again so she asks him to countdown from 5. When he gets to 4 she rips them off to surprise him. There is a lot more CBT in this such as testicle torture but too much to mention. You can see Rico ball torture used and abused at Men In Pain.