Rico Takes CBT Torture From Jordan Kingsley

Watch Rico take ball torture

Miss Kingsley is handed Rico for her first Bdsm role so she turns up to see Rico tied to a wall with his cock and balls tied. She wastes no time in using a whip on him then chains his cock and balls to a leg spreader he is wearing just before she runs her nails across his sensitive penis.

She turns him around then to cane the inside of his thighs then makes him stick his ass out so she can strapon fuck his ass. He complains it is painful so she fucks him harder before lying him down so she can ride his cock. She runs zippers up either side of his chest while riding him.

When he says he is ready to cum she rips one zipper off which takes his mind off things. She rides him a bit longer and the same thing happens again so she asks him to countdown from 5. When he gets to 4 she rips them off to surprise him. There is a lot more CBT in this such as testicle torture but too much to mention. You can see Rico ball torture used and abused at Men In Pain.

Simone Kross Delivers CBT Torture

See Kade get his balls crushed

In the opening scenes Kade takes some of the nastiest ball torture I’ve ever seen. Simone Kross has him exactly where she wants him as he gets tied down to a chair for a free femdom lesson. His balls are bound so tight that they are a deep purple colour and throbbing in pain. Kade also has to endure the pain of being ass fucked with a dildo as she unties his balls so quickly he screams in agony.

As Simone Kross is a real ballbuster she knows that she hasn’t gone nearly as far as she wants to, so she straps Kade down once more to spank his ass hard and really goes to work with a cat o’nine tails. Now that Kade has really sore testicles Simone Kross decides that she wants her pussy pleasured by him, so she lies him on his back with his stiff cock waiting for her and she rides him till she cums.

This shoot really does show what a ballbuster Simone Kross is as Kade gets his balls crushed more than once for being disobedient. She really does bring a whole new meaning to CBT torture and takes no prisoners. You can see more of Simone Kross dishing this out at meninpain.

Two Men Take Cbt Torture

Watch Nyomi Banxxx deliver free femdom lessons

Nyomi Banxxx is back and teaching these two slaves a lesson the hard way. She has them completely tied up before dishing out some of her best cbt torture ever,this is one free femdom lesson theses slaves will never forget.They are both on their knees with steel weights hanging from their balls whilst pleasuring her ass and pussy with their tongues.

This ballbuster doesn’t stop there though, after deciding that these two deserve more penis torture she ties the one up to watch as theĀ  other gets an ass drilling so strong he pisses himself. He also gets fucked with a dildo by her whilst being covered in hot wax and getting a good spanking thrown in for good measure.

Up until now the one that was watching thought he had got off quite lightly but he couldn’t be more wrong. While Nyomi Banxxx rides the one until she comes all over his cock the watcher gets his cock put into a device to squeeze his cock and balls really tight giving him really sore testicles and the whipping doesn’t help matters either. Watch more of this painful cbt torture at Divine bitches.

Rico Takes Penis Torture At Meninpain

Maitresse Madeline gives cbt torture at meninpain

When Rico came in for his ballbuster session with Maitresse Madeline he certainly wasn’t expecting what he got. She started by giving him some good hard slaps before the real testicle torture started. With his arms bound above his head there was no escape for Rico as Maitresse Madeline took out his cock to show him who the boss was.

Just as Rico started howling in pain the real cbt torture started. As he was writhing in agony Maitresse Madeline gave him what for as she started to whip him real hard until he was begging her to stop. Unfortunately for Rico she then went on to lift him clean off the floor by his balls, this was real testicle torture.

When Rico was finally let back down he still hadn’t learnt his lesson and was forced to have weights hanging from his balls and his cock was strapped into a torture device. She dug her nails into his large testicles then grabbed his penis with some pliers and run a needle wheel along his hard cock in some real hard penis torture. Maitresse Madeline then forced Rico to lick her pussy before putting him on his back and fucking him with a strap on. You can see Rico suffer penis torture at Meninpain.

Kelly Skyline Stomps On Balls

Watch Kelly give cbt torture

While Kelly Skyline is bending down to pick up her milk outside her house she notices a guy looking up her skirt. Normally that wouldn’t bother her but the guy is her best friends husband so she decides to teach him a lesson. She invites him in for a cup of tea and to be sure she wasn’t mistaken bent down to pick something up from the floor and sees him looking up her skirt again.

Sure now she threatens him with telling his wife if he didn’t do as she asks. She presses her high heels into his balls and pushes down hard through his trousers. Not being satisfied with the screams she gets him to strip off so she can squash his balls abd see what she’s doing.

She gives him a footjob to get him hard then starts kicking his balls, first while wearing heels then barefoot. She kicks his cock next then flips over so she can backheel his balls making him double over in pain. She puts him through all sorts of cbt torture before telling him to not be such a pervert next time. Watch Kelly squash his balls at Brutalballbusting.

Rico Takes Cock And Ball Torture

Watch Rico suffer tied balls here

Rico is tied standing up against a wall with his hands over his head totally naked and vulnerable. Raven Alexis wastes no time and canes him from side to side before bringing out a whip. She whips his hard cock leaving red marks on it before whipping his legs.

She ties his balls and places tiny clamps on them then pulls then bringing him almost to tears. She removes some of them so she can slap his balls then uses a cane to try and knock the others off. Heavy weights are hung from his balls which she kicks to make sway in some nice ball torture. He is bent over to have his ass paddled before she strapon fucks him with a massive dildo while flicking his balls.

She sits on his face then and makes him lick pussy while she flicks his balls then attaches zippers up his leg onto his balls which she rips off. She rides him then before getting bored and jumping off to use a vibrator on herself. She makes him jerk off till he finishes as she does. You can see Rico take cbt extreme at MeninPain.

A Ball Torture Lesson For Billy

Watch Isis Love give penis torture

Billy has been a lazy husband for way too long so his wife Gwen Diamond looks for ways to change his ways. One day she hears about a woman that has had a load of success with such cases and tricks her husband into coming with her to a dungeon owned by Isis Love.

Billy is stripped naked, tied with his hands above his head and gagged. Isis grabs and squeezes his balls then runs her nails down his cock. He is then shown how to lick pussy by both women. Gwen bends over so he can fuck her but he has a shock when Isis rams a strapon cock in his ass which gets deeper as he thrusts into Gwen.

Billy is made to fuck Gwen from all different positions, each one making the strapon go deeper and deeper into his ass. When he doesn’t do a good enough job he takes some penis torture and when he complains the cbt torture goes up a notch. You can see Billy take testicle torture at MenInPain.

Lorelei Lee Loves Inflicting Penis Torture


Watch Ivo suffer cbt torture here

Ivo got in way over his head as a newbie, being handed over to Lorelei Lee is more than most can handle. He is stripped naked and tied to a lamp-post to await her. She wastes no time and gets him hard before pinching his nipples. This is just to soften him up though and it isn’t long before she is whipping his hard cock.

She masturbates him right to the edge of cumming then stops, teasing him over and over. She ties his cock and balls which by now are straining hard then crops his cock. After that she gets him on edge again and every time stops just as he gets there and smacks his cock to bring him down off the edge. When she’s had enough of that fun she ties him bent over some tyres.

He’s made to suck a strapon before she fucks his ass with it. AFter that he is tied to the rail tracks with his arms at his sides and a dildo gag fitted. She rides it once more bringing him to edge after edge. Finally just as she lets him cum she lets go and start slapping his cock hard ruining his orgasm. You can see this stunning domme teasing Ivo at Divine Bitches.

Gia Dimarco Loves Stretching Balls

Watch Gia give ball torture here

Jesse Carl has been getting way to cocky so his third training day on how to be a good slave he is given over to Gia DiMarco who has orders to knock some of that cockiness out of him. He is naked with his balls tied with rough string to the ground as she whips his cock, every time he moves it pulls his balls.

She grabs the rope and stretches his balls then ties his balls behind him. She orders him to lick her feet but stays just out of reach making him stretch his own balls. His sore balls still tied he is bent over to have his ass spanked then is tied over a table and made to lick ass.

She goes behind him then using a massive dildo to strapon fuck him until he cums without her touching his cock. She scoops it up and makes him lick it before getting him hard and riding him. She uses a vibrator to have a squirting orgasm in his face and makes him lick her clean. You can see Gia give testicle torture to Jesse at Divine Bitches.

Tied BallS Torture For Derrick P

Watch Aiden Starr take cbt torture

Derrick P is handed over to Aiden Starr in the latest installment. His hands are tied above his head, his cock and balls tied with rough rope and nipple clamps used on him. The clamps are ripped off before she bites his nipples then pulls his cock and balls away from his body.

When his balls are stretched she slaps his cock hard then his nipples. She spanks his ass before giving him a good ass whipping. She holds him still using the rope to stretch his balls then whips his chest. She bends him over and grabs his balls to hold him steady as she fists his ass leaving him no escape.

While in the same position she gets a huge dildo to strapon fuck his ass. He is made to lick her pussy while she rubs a vibrator on his cock before riding him. Once she’s had her orgasm she uses the vibrator till he cums then gathers it in her hands to force feed him. He’s even made to lick her hands clean. You can see Derrick take testicle torture at MenInPain.