Male Torture Of Tahiti Boy

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Sandra Romain is given Tahiti boy to play with. He is tied with arms over his head and legs spread wearing a mask with gag. She starts off hard, standing on his bare feet in heels and pinching his nipples, using them to stop her falling off. She hangs heavy weights from his balls then whips him making him squirm, stretching his balls even more.

She sucks his cock to keep him hard as she adds pegs on his balls then ties him bending over so she can whip his cock and balls. She strapon fucks him from behind making sure to use the whole big dildo while tring to get him to suck his own cock, he just can’t reach it.

Next she teases him, running her pusy just out of range of his mouth. When she notices he isn’t hard she sits on his face and makes him lick ass and pussy. When that doesn’t work either she makes him play with himself before giving up the chance to fuck him. She gives more more cbt torture as punishment though. You can see Sandra Romain whipping balls at MenInPain.

Rico Given CBT Torture By Simone

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Rico is tied naked standing up with his cock and balls tied by a rope to the ground. She starts off nicely by slapping his cock hard. He makes the mistake of calling her a sassy bitch which earned him more cock torture, a lot more painful cock slaps before she flicks his penis head then slaps his balls making him squeal.

She canes his cock making him dance around which stretched his balls then turned him around to whip his ass and back until he yells for mercy, which she denies him. He is made to suck her strapon dildo then before being tied lying face down on a table.

She whips his ass till he screams then strapon fucks his ass. She makes him wank himself while licking her pussy then gets up and give him 10 to cum. When he doesn’t manage it she whips his cock. When he cums he thinks it’s all over but she has other ideas, spanking his balls until he screams then whipping his balls. You can see Simone ballbusting Rico at MenInPain.

Ball Bondage For Eddy

Watch Shy Love give ball torture

Mistress Shy Love returns to Men In Pain with the sole intention of making Eddy suffer and she starts off so hard. She ties his balls up then attaches them to a full bucket. She tells him to lick her pussy and sits a few metres from him. A whip makes him try hard as he stretches his balls trying to get to her pussy.

She makes him suck her tits first and when she isn’t satisfied she slaps his face. She walks away and makes him crawl to her while he drags the bucket behind him pulling his balls hard. She releases his balls and bends him over to have his ass whipped before tying him lying on his back.

She spanks his ass then slaps his balls before strapon fucking his ass. Nipple clamps are added then when she has fucked him enough she has him on his knees so she can slap his cock till it gets hard. He fucks her pussy then as a treat for dragging the bucket far enough. You can see Edd take testicle torture at Men In Pain.

Nurse Lexi Love Dishes Out CBT Torture


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When Rico visits the nurse and accidentally upsets her she doesn’t scream and shout, she pretends to like him and starts flirting. It isn’t long before he asks her out but she says they can do all they want in the surgery but only on her terms. He agress as most men would.

She has him start by licking her feet then strips down so he can clean her ass. Next he is told to lick pussy and a whipped cock helps make sure he tries his hardest. She teases him with a blowjob before biting his cock then gets him to agree to be tied up and helpless.

She puts him in suspended bondage with his ass out then shows him the massive strapon she’ll be using. Too late to get out of it there’s nothing he can do, especially with his balls tied to the wall. She makes him take it all and every thrust stretches his balls to the limit. She eventually has enough of him and lets him finish as she squeezes his cock. You can see Lexi teach Rico some manners with some testicle torture at MenInPain.

Felony Gives Ricky Sinz Ball Torture

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It’s Feloneys birthday and as a gift she is given a motorbike and Ricky Sinz for the day. Ricky is already naked and tied to the wall so she makes the most of it by squeezing his balls then attaching clamps to his balls. Next she puts pegs all over him then whips them off.

She bites his nipples then pulls his balls, using all her weight to stretch his balls until her hands come loose as he screams through his gag as she laughs. More weights are adding stretching his balls to the limit as she slaps his chest. She yanks his cock then whips him some more before whipping his cock. He is strapon fucked while bent over the bike until he is on the edge of cumming then she stops.

He is led face up on the table with a box on his head with an opening for his mouth. She rides his cock until he is begging to cum then gets off him and uses an Hitachi until she has a squirting orgasm over his face. He begs to cum but she slaps his cock and leaves him there. You can watch Ricky suffer cbt torture at Divine Bitches.

Rick Hunt Gets His Cock Caged

Watch Rick used in bondage

Rick Hunt is given to Lady Lydia McLane to be used as she sees fit. He is already naked, hogtied and wearing a hood when she finds him. Unable to get up or even move very well she whips him hard making him squirm. She loosens the ropes enough for him to kneel up then tells him to undo the ropes while she whips his ass.

He is tied lying on his back with each limb attached to a bedpost as she grabs her case of sounds. She puts nipple clamps on him and zippers up either side of his body making him wait for his cock torture. She rips off the zippers and gets him hard before ramming a sound down his cock.

A cage is placed around his balls and she pulls and pushes it making him fuck the sound. He is tied in suspension bondage then for her to finger his ass. She fucks his ass with a massive stick dildo and wanks him off until he cums before she is done with him. You can see Rick Hunt take penis torture at MenInPain.

CBT Torture Competition

Watch two men fight for their domme

Dj and Steve Sterling and slaves who adore their mistress Ashley Fires. When she offers one the chance to please her but knowing they have to have a cbt competition first they readily agree. Both tied standing with their cock and balls tied to the floor she starts work on them by whipping cock on one and slapping the cock of the other.

She whips their chests first of all but soon moves on to whipping cock. Once they start to drip precum she moves on tying one standing up with his cock stuck in a Fleshlight fucking machine and the other tied with his legs spread and his cock and balls open to pain while she strapon fucks him.

She bends him over to fuck him from behind as the other one moans and does his best not to cum. She makes him suck the strapon before deciding she wants to see who gives the best oral, by making them suck each others cock. They don’t want to do it but she promises them her pussy if they do. After seeing them both perform she calls it a draw, both lose so she grabs their cocks and use them as dildos leaving them with no pleasure. You can see Ashley Fires use her sex slaves at Divine Bitches.

Balls Crushed In Double Trouble

Watch Wild Bill get his balls whipped

Wild Bill is tied with his hands above his head as Penny Flame torments him by rubbing her nails down his cock. She pulls out a whip next to whip his cock and balls hard enough to make him scream but when she pulls down his pants she notices how rock hard he his. Telling him he must be excited she goes to work making his cock and balls suffer. She flicks his balls in turn making him scream before grabbing his balls in a tight hold. She starts to squeeze his balls keeping her mouth about half an inch from his cock keeping him excited.

When he threatens to get too excited she smacks his balls making him pull backwards and stretch his balls. She tells him he shouldn’t have an hardon and squeezes his balls harder and harder but all this does is get him harder. She ties him to a pole, grabs his cock and whips his cock and balls some more. She puts him through his paces as Kimberlee has Lobo tied standing up so she can whip his ass. Lobo is then made to lick pussy as she whips his ass before tying him bending over a table.

She goes behind him and uses a strapon to fuck his ass. She pounds his ass using the whole length of the strapon to make him scream. When he seems to start enjoying it she pounds his ass harder while whipping his ass. Eventually when she has had her fun and he seems on the edge of orgasm she stops. She leaves him there moaning to be allowed to cum. You can see Wild Bill taking ballbusting torture from Penny Flame at MenInPain.

Stigma Gets His Balls Paddled

Watch Maitresse Madeline give testicle torture

Maitresse Madeline is in a bad mood so she decides to work out her anger on her slave Stigma who is kept in the incinerator in the basement. She pokes him with a stick until he agrees to come out dragging himself through a small opening. She makes him kneel before slapping his face then tying him in chains. She paddles his ass hard enough to leave marks then moves to the front to paddle his cock. When he screams for mercy she makes him crouch down then paddles his balls upwards.

He stands up then for her to grab his balls then grab his cock while she slaps his balls hard. She stamps on his feet with her heels to take the pain away from his balls as she paddles his balls hard. Next she uses a clear vice to crush his balls, each turn making his balls flatter until he is almost in tears. Once crushed she knocks on the plastic then stamps on hit squashing his balls flatter.She removes the vice then grabs his balls and lifts him off the floor with them.

She sits on his face and makes him lick ass and pussy and when he doesn’t do a good enough job she canes his cock. After enough begging he is happy to do anything to stop even agreeing to sit on her giant strapon dildo. He is made to move back and fore until he has the giant strapon all the way in. Only then does she seem to calm down. She fucks him until she thinks he has had enough then leaves him down in the basement to lick his wounds. You can see Stigma in this great ballbusting scene at Men In Pain.

Wild Bill Kicked In The Balls

Watch Tory Lane give ball torture here

Slaveboy Wild Bill has always been a slacker so when he didn’t clean her stalls properly she decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget. He is stripped, gagged and tied to a post. She starts off with a kick in the balls while wearing her cowboy boots. A few more of them before she slaps his face a few times to get him scared.

She rubs her tits in his face before to get him excited then squeezes his balls. Nipple clamps are fitted then his cock and balls are tied with rough string and weights hung from them. A horse gag is fitted and he is hung in suspended bondage so the weights dangle as she swings him before whipping his ass.

She squeezes his balls then strapon ass fucks him making the weights swing. She plays with him as she fucks his ass then ties him on his back. She ties the dildo inside him, squashes his balls and uses vacuum on his cock. She makes him play with himself until he cums while ramming the dildo in his mouth. You can see Tory Lane ball kicking at MenInPain.